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Uniden R8NZ Radar Detector
Uniden R8NZ Radar Detector
Uniden R8NZ Radar Detector
Uniden R8NZ Radar Detector


Uniden R8NZ Radar Detector



The all-new R8 is part of the industry’s most talked about line of radar detectors. Its dual antenna allows the R8 to detect threats from all 4 directions, with voice alerts for the direction of threat. It even shows the direction, band, and signal strength for each. Perfect just got better.

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    R8 Radar Detector

    - Bluetooth App Capability - Free app download. Setup menus and show greater detail of radar features on your smart phone

    - Optional Laser Jammer Capability - With the optional laser jammer, add up to 6 laser jammer transponders to insure complete protection from laser gun detection

    - Optional Remote Keypad - Allows easy access to the radar menus and functions without having to reach the R8 buttons on the unit

    - Auto Mute Memory
    - Extreme Long Range Radar Detection
    - 2 Low Noise Amplifiers for Increased Range
    - 50% Faster Processor
    - Dual Antenna Detects Direction of Threat
    - Arrow Voice Alerts with Direction of Threat
    - Red Light Camera Alert
    - GPS Built-In with Free Updates to GPS
    - Database
    - Large Ultra-Bright Color OLED Display
    - Spectre Elite Undetectable
    - Quiet Ride
    - Max Speed Warning Alert
    - Voice Alert
    - Cigarette Adapter with Mute Key, USB Port, and Remote Keypad Port
    - Single and Double Suction Cup Brackets Included

    Package Includes: Radar Detector, Single and Double Window Mount Bracket, Zippered Carrying Case, Neoprene Carrying Case, Velcro Tape, Power Cord, Data Cable and Owner’s Manual.

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