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Car Servicing

Car Servicing, Repairs, and Maintenance

Looking for an expert in car servicing in the Auckland or Waikato regions? Although we specialise in heavy truck servicing and repairs, William Gill & Sons also caters to all other forms of vehicles, including vans, cars, Utes, and more. With decades of experience working with engines, our mechanics know more than enough to handle problems of all sizes. If you need car diagnostics or regular servicing, we can help.

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Why choose William Gill for car repair and maintenance?

When you partner with the team here at William Gill & Sons, our experts will ensure that your vehicle is managed through a routine of scheduled servicing, keeping it road safe and reliable, so you don’t need to worry about maintaining it or staying on top of warrants and services yourself. These scheduled services are flexible; we’re more than happy to work around your timetable. We also have courtesy vehicles available during your service.

What’s more, we don’t just give your car a run-of-the-mill service; our trained technicians will also inspect the vehicle for safety, to make sure there aren’t any hidden issues.

We’ll always let you know of any further work that we recommend to be done and ask for your approval first. After all, good service is the backbone of our business, and we wouldn’t still be around after nearly 100 years if we weren’t open, honest, and transparent about what needs doing and why, as well as the costs involved

We make it easy for you

Our car servicing team has a wide range of skills and knows how to make the process simple and easy. Here’s what we can cover as part of our car maintenance services:

Routine checks


And much more

Our car services also cover the chassis, checking for leaks, all drive belts, exhaust system issues, fuel system issues, coolant, filters, suspension, and electrical. To find out more about our car servicing, or to get a quote today, contact us through the form below, and we’ll endeavour to reply within 24 hours.

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