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Truck Fleet Servicing.

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Truck Fleet Servicing

With almost 100 years of experience in the industry, the team here at William Gill & Sons know a thing or two about fleet servicing. We’ve been fixing trucks since 1924, so you can count on us to deliver.

We understand that regular servicing is vital for any business that relies on a fleet of vehicles, so we’re always available, 24/7.  Whether your fleet is five vehicles or fifty, our Auckland and Waikato branches are ready to help.

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commercial fleet maintenance

What is commercial fleet maintenance?

Put simply, commercial fleet maintenance is the ongoing process of keeping your fleet running. A commercial fleet needs to be reliable and road-worthy; any breakdowns can cause serious issues in the business pipeline, and we help you avoid that. With a solid maintenance program, you can catch problems before they develop. Overall, this keeps your costs down, and keeps your fleet running.

What does fleet servicing include?

We have an experienced team, so we’re able to provide expert fleet support for a wide range of makes and models. As heavy diesel experts, we specialise in trucks, but if you’ve got a fleet of other vehicles, such as cars or vans, give us a call and we can discuss the details.

The nuts and bolts of servicing a fleet cover everything you need to keep your vehicles on the road. That includes testing and repairs of engines, transmission, brakes and suspension, general engineering, and electrical issues.

Our skill set is versatile, so if you’ve got other fleet servicing needs, chances are we can handle them too. To find out how we can help, call or email today.

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