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Uniden R4NZ Radar Detector
Uniden R4NZ Radar Detector
Uniden R4NZ Radar Detector
Uniden R4NZ Radar Detector


Uniden R4NZ Radar Detector



The R4, by Uniden, is an all new platform with a much greater range. It has a new Auto Mute Memory feature,
which automatically locks out false alert locations. The R4 also has the best K Band filter on the market, offering the least amount of false alerts from blind spot monitors and K Band sensors in other vehicles. When you need the best information possible, and none of the noise, Uniden’sR4 Extreme puts you miles ahead.

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    Extreme Long Range GPS Radar Detector

    - Dual Low Noise Amplifiers (LNAs) for Greater Range
    - K / Ka Band (NZ Frequency Segments) X Band (On/Off)
    - Reduced False Alerts from Vehicle Blind Spot Monitors
    - 360° Radar and Laser Detection / Voice Alert
    - Ultra Bright OLED multi colour Display
    - Band Detected and Signal Strength Indicator
    - Inbuilt GPS / NZ Speed Camera Database (Updateable)
    - Anti-falsing GPS Auto Mute Locations / Mark Locations
    - DC Lead with Mute Key & USB Port / Audio plug for motorcycles

    Package Includes: Radar Detector, Single and Double Window Mount Bracket, Velcro Tape, Power Cord,
    USB to Micro-USB cable and Owner’s Manual.

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