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Meiwa RP100 Reversible Plate Compactor

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Meiwa RP100 Reversible Plate Compactor



Introducing the Meiwa RP100, the reversible compactor for all your NZ compacting needs.

The RP100 is a top-of-the-line reversible plate compactor from Meiwa that offers exceptional power and efficiency in soil and asphalt compaction. It's a durable and reliable investment for construction or landscaping projects.

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    • Engine: Robin EX17D 5.6hp
    • Weight: 115kg
    • Plate Size: 580 x 380mm
    • Travelling Speed: 0-20m/min
    • Vibration Frequency: 75.0Hz (4500vpm)
    • Centrugal Force: 23.0Kn (2350kgf)
    • Fuel Tank: 3.6L