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Meiwa HP50 Plate Compactor

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Meiwa HP50 Plate Compactor



Powered by a robust Honda GX120 3.5hp engine, this petrol plate compactor boasts a centrifugal force of 10.8Kn (1100kgf) and with a 2.7L fuel tank, it's built to handle even the toughest jobs with ease.

What sets our small compactor apart is its high-quality construction and reliable performance, all made possible by our commitment to excellence and dedication to using only high-quality materials.

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    • Engine: Honda GX120 3.5hp
    • Weight: 60kg
    • Plate Size: 495 x 350mm
    • Traveling Speed: 24-27 m/min
    • Vibration Frequency: 90.0Hz (5400vpm)
    • Centrifugal Force: 10.8Kn (1100kgf)
    • Fuel Tank: 2.7L 
    • Made in Japan.