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Masport Platinum Genius AL S18 4'n1

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Masport Platinum Genius AL S18 4'n1



This mower is an all-in-one garden machine. It will not only cut, catch or mulch but also chip branches and prunings through Masport's exclusive 35mm Chipperchute®.
  • Cut, Catch, Mulch, Side Discharge or Chip
  • Powered by AL-KO 159cc OHV IC Auto Choke 4 stroke engine*
  • Auto Choke engine starts easily whether cold or hot and is ready to use immediately
  • Cast iron sleeve in cylinder
  • 460mm (18") heavy duty aluminium non rust chassis
  • Masport Quickcut® Blade System with Chipper Blade
  • Front 200mm (8") and Rear 200mm (8") adjustable dual bearing wheels
  • Comfortable upturned upper handle with PVC grip
  • Reinforced lower handle for added strength
  • Camlocks for quick release handle fold down
  • HDPE Plastic Catcher
  • Smartchute® for side discharge
  • Zone start for comfortable starting position
  • Chipperchute®
  • *AL-KO specified engine as used on AL-KO mowers in Europe
  • Description

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    Mulching Capable - Naturally recycles the grass by recutting it and feeding it back into your lawn.
    Smartchute® - Mow without the catcher and avoid sloppy grass clumps
    Chipperchute - With our additional chipper blade, shred branches up to 35mm in diameter turning them into useful mulch.
    Adjustable Wheel Bearings - Ball bearing wheels make the mower easy to push and with a threaded axle and nut, the wheels are adjustable.
    HDPE Plastic Catcher - High Density Polyethylene Plastic catchers.
    Zone Start - The conveniently positioned starter cord eliminates the need to bend all the way down to pull-start, reducing the risk of back strain.
    Engine Make - AL-KO*
    Engine Model - OHV IC Series
    Engine Type - 4 Stroke
    Engine Capacity - 159cc
    Power Rating (Torque) - 6.3ft/lb or 8.5Nm
    Starting System - Auto Choke
    Cutting Width - 460mm (18")
    Cutting Height Range - 12mm - 78mm
    Cutting Methods - Cut, Catch, Mulch, Side Discharge, Chip
    Number of Blades - 3
    Cutting System - Masport Quickcut® Blade System with Chipper Blade
    Cutting Height Steps - 10
    Cutting Height Adjustment - Single Point
    Drive System - Push
    Chassis Material - Aluminium
    Upper Handlebar Type - Upturned with PVC grip
    Handlebar Retainer - Camlocks
    Lower Handlebar Type - Reinforced
    Catcher Type - HDPE Plastic
    Catcher Volume - 46.5L
    Wheel Bearing Type - Adjustable Dual Ball
    Wheel Type & Size - Front 200mm (8") and Rear 200mm (8")
    Weight - 33.4kg
    Product Dimensions (W x H x L) - 0.1
    Engine Disclaimer
    *AL-KO specified engine as used on AL-KO mowers in Europe
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