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What to Know Before Buying a Hydrogen Fuel Truck.

What to Know Before Buying a Hydrogen Fuel Truck

Heavy-duty diesel trucks require a lot of energy to travel long distances, which generates a considerable amount of pollutant emissions. In recent years, we have seen shifts to vehicles using greener forms of energy to combat this issue. For example, in June, five of Hyundai's XCIENT hydrogen fuel trucks rolled onto New Zealand's roads. This move made our country one of the first three in the world to have these Hyundai trucks for sale.

As New Zealand's trusted Hyundai heavy vehicle dealer and servicing expert, we're excited about the benefits of hydrogen-powered fuel trucks. Below, we break down the technology and how it will change the future of renewable energy transportation.


What are the Benefits of a Hydrogen Powered Truck?

Although the number of heavy transport vehicles is a mere fraction of New Zealand's total vehicle count, they account for over a quarter of the country's emissions. A single diesel truck taken off the road is equal to removing 100 - 150 cars. A markedly greener option, hydrogen fuel trucks are powered by a fuel cell. The cell produces an electric current from the chemical reaction between hydrogen and oxygen, creating water as its only by-product.

Although EV trucks have been introduced for greener transportation options, they don't offer the same productivity as traditional diesel or hydrogen fuel trucks. The electric battery in heavy trucks takes multiple hours to recharge. It cannot withstand driving for long hours and distances. Ultimately, an EV truck will cost companies precious time and money.

Hydrogen trucks can be refuelled quickly and back on the road while carrying the same load. Hydrogen refuelling stations begin operation in 2022 across four locations between heavily used freight routes: Hamilton, Palmerston North, Auckland, and Tauranga. Another 20 stations plan to start operation by 2026.


What is the Future of Hydrogen Fuel Usage?

Unfortunately, this fuel technology isn't widespread as hydrogen requires high compression to use as fuel. With only a handful of trial locations and fleets in New Zealand, it seems it will be a while before hydrogen fuel trucks are readily available for public purchase. However, there is no doubt that the mileage and convenience of hydrogen fuel trucks will play a significant role in our transportation industry.

How we drive our vehicles could also change in the future. As more companies commit to producing hydrogen fuel cell vehicles, their availability will eventually extend to the public. It'll be some time before this energy source becomes more widespread. Still, the availability of hydrogen fuel trucks marks an exciting shift in renewable energy transportation.


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