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How Can Businesses Combat Truck Driver Shortages?.

How Can Businesses Combat Truck Driver Shortages?

In recent years, there has been a massive shortage of truck drivers in the transportation industry. This shift sees many downsides, affecting supplier costs and pricing, influencing shipping delays, causing shortages in stores, and affecting the overall income of all industries that rely on frequent and punctual trucking shipments. Companies must change their hiring methods and how they treat current truck drivers to retain their staff and entice more individuals to join the profession. We discuss how businesses can combat truck driver shortages by offering benefits like providing truck and car servicing costs, increasing safety efforts, and more.

Why Are There Truck Driver Shortages?

Truck driver shortages are largely due to the demographic of the current workforce, primarily of the male gender and above 45 years old. These truck drivers often begin the retirement process in the next few years, which can cause a severe drop-off in truck drivers if younger workers don’t join the industry.

Many drivers also leave the industry due to the nature of the job, which sees long hours and travelling distances. These workers usually look for jobs with more flexible working hours and better pay, especially as the cost-of-living increases in New Zealand.

Target New Demographics

Due to the truck driver stereotype, women and younger adults are an untapped gold mine for the trucking industry. Businesses can combat truck driver shortages by creating targeted recruitment strategies for these demographics and destigmatise the profession.

Improve Onboarding Procedures

HR and talent teams must check on an employee’s wellbeing in the first few months on the job. Ensuring a smooth transition period is crucial to employee happiness and their likelihood of staying on the job.

Increase Safety Efforts

Being a truck driver is often not the safest occupation and can contribute to an unhealthy lifestyle. Businesses that proactively increase safety efforts and educate their drivers are paramount in improving driver longevity and retention in the long run. By offering insurance benefits, carriers and families stay protected from financial loss in a challenging period.

Highlight Company Culture and Benefits

Providing comprehensive employee benefits not only helps attract potential employees but also helps retain your existing workforce. These benefits can include decreasing time spent on the road, better pay, shouldering servicing costs, and recognition of good quality work. Switching to transportation methods like less-than-truckload or less-than-load (LTL) shipping, the transportation of small freight loads, can save you money and allow your workers time to go home to their families each night. Putting your workers’ needs first can help you retain happy, satisfied employees and attract new potential hires.

Great Truck Companies Need Great Trucks

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